My goal is to conceptualize and convey. If I'm learning, I'll be speaking or writing about it for others!

I've spent most of my career as an infrastructure engineer, from datacenters to public cloud. Most of the time, you'll find me pairing with infrastructure engineers on code or application developers on systems. I enjoy open source projects, especially when it involves integrations with other ecosystems.

Besides solving infrastructure puzzles, I'm a mentor and aspiring apartment gardener.

Speaker Bio

Rosemary Wang works to bridge the technical and cultural barriers between infrastructure, security, and application development. She has a fascination for solving intractable problems as a contributor, public speaker, writer, and advocate of open source infrastructure tools. Recently, Rosemary has been writing her upcoming book, Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices. When she is not drawing on whiteboards, Rosemary debugs stacks of various infrastructure systems on her laptop while watering her houseplants.

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