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06.06.2023 / 10:45 EST DevOpsDays NYC Refactoring Applications for Dynamic Secrets John Jay College, New York
06.13.2023 HashiDays: London Come say hello! London

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Date Conference/Meetup Talk Slides/Demo/Recording
05.23.2023 GOTO Chicago Catching Commits to Secure Infrastructure as Code Slides
04.13.2023 Tech Field Day Networking Field Day 31 Recording
03.28.2023 QCon London From Cloud-Hosted to Cloud-Native Slides
11.02.2022 NYC HashiCorp User Group Patterns to Refactor Terraform Slides
10.19.2022 Datadog Dash Auditing Your Automation's Access...Using More Automation Slides Demo
09.29.2022 Bret Fisher's Docker & DevOps Live Show Vault on Kubernetes Demo Recording
08.23.2022 InfoQ Live Simplify and Accelerate Kubernetes Adoption Recording
06.29.2022 Summer Systems @Scale 2022 Managing Services: Part 2 - Lessons Learned from Scaling Infrastructure as Code Slides Recording
06.22.2022 HashiConf Europe 2022 Secure Together: Consul + Vault Slides Demo Recording
06.08.2022 GitOpsDays 2022 Securing Kubernetes Secrets for GitOps with HashiCorp Vault Slides Demo Recording
06.08.2022 O'Reilly Media Cloud Superstream: Cloud Security Let’s Secure a CI/CD Pipeline Slides Recording
05.11.2022 Codemotion: Spanish Edition A Practical Introduction for Minimum Secure Products Slides Recording
04.28.2022 Conf42: Cloud Native 2022 A Developer's Introduction to Service Mesh Slides Demo
04.28.2022 Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Rosemary Wang: DevOps and Docker Live Show (Ep 168) Recording
03.23.2022 Code to Cloud Virtual Summit Security vs. Delivery: Win with Dependency Inversion Slides Recording
03.01.2022 DevOps Lab Getting Started with HashiCorp Boundary and Azure Demo Recording
02.10.2022 GitOps Guide to the Galaxy Episode 32 | GitOps with HashiCorp Vault (Part 2) Demo Recording
01.27.2022 GitOps Guide to the Galaxy Episode 31 | GitOps with HashiCorp Vault (Part 1) Demo Recording
12.02.2021 AWS re:Invent Zero Trust foundations in Amazon ECS with Boundary, Vault, and Consul (sponsored by HashiCorp) Demo Recording
11.09.2021 O'Reilly Live Training Infrastructure as Code Slides Demo
10.20.2021 Cisco DevNet Create Security Tests for Security Groups, Shifted Left Slides Demo Recording
09.18.2021 DevOpsDays Istanbul Secrets Management for Development and Operations Slides Recording
09.17.2021 O'Reilly Live Training Infrastructure as Code Slides Demo
08.12.2021 Cloud Computing San Antonio Automate to Approach Zero Trust Security Slides Demo Recording
08.10.2021 ManningPublications on Twitch Manage your infrastructure as code dependencies Demo Recording
07.22.2021 HashiTalks: Build Let’s Code: Building a Secrets Engine for Vault Demo Recording
07.22.2021 HashiTalks: Build Panel: The GitHub and PagerDuty Terraform Provider Recording
06.30.2021 Cloud Native @Scale Meetup Security & Policy Configurations for Infrastructure as Code Slides Recording
06.23.2021 cdCon Supercharge Cloud Migration with Progressive Delivery Slides Recording
06.23.2021 DevSecCon24 I Spy: An Insecure Delivery Pipeline Slides Recording
06.17.2021 stackconf Live Panel
06.16.2021 stackconf Stretching the Service Mesh Beyond the Clouds Slides Demo Recording
06.15.2021 live@manning Balancing Developer Productivity & Security Slides Recording
05.23.2021 OWASP DevSlop Exploring Policy as Code for Cloud Infrastructure Slides Demo Recording
05.13.2021 Commit.dev A day in the life of Developer Relations Recording
04.29.2021 GIDS Live 2021 An introduction to zero trust security Slides Demo Recording
03.31.2021 Odyssey Conference Testing Your Cloud Infrastructure (as Code) Slides Recording
03.25.2021 Security Field Day 5 Zero Trust Security with HashiCorp Slides Demo Recording
03.12.2021 O'Reilly Live Online Training Hands-on Policy as Code Demo
02.06.2021 FOSDEM The Great Cloud Migration with Network Automation & Service Mesh Slides Demo Recording
01.26.2021 Cloud Builders Build Up: .NET Edition Recording
01.13.2021 O'Reilly Live Online Training Hands-on Policy as Code Demo
12.09.2020 GitHub Universe Keeping secrets in your infrastructure pipeline Slides Demo Recording
12.04.2020 Women Who Code Connect Forward A Developer's Guide to Secrets Management Slides Demo Recording
11.19.2020 HashiCorp Community Office Hours Consul + Kubernetes Recording
11.17.2020 HashiCorp Community Office Hours Vault + Kubernetes Demo Recording
11.17.2020 The New Stack Analysts Virtual Pancake Breakfast + Podcast sponsored by Accurics Immutable Security is Hot Recording
11.17.2020 Data on Kubernetes Meetup The State Of State On k8s- what's your status? Recording
10.02.2020 Grace Hopper Celebration Code & Deploy Your Technical Portfolio Slides Demo
08.13.2020 O'Reilly OSCON Superstream: Infrastructure Applying Application Feature Toggles to Infrastructure Demo Recording
05.13.2020 St. Louis HashiCorp User Group Terraform & Kubernetes Operator Slides
05.01.2020 HashiCorp Live Configuring CircleCI to Deploy to Kubernetes with HashiCorp Terraform Demo Recording
04.29.2020 Perth HashiCorp User Group Infrastructure Unit & Contract Testing Slides Demo Recording
04.23.2020 HashiCorp Webinar Configure Observability as Code with HashiCorp Terraform and Datadog Recording
04.21.2020 CTOAdvisor Virtual Conference Scaling Infrastructure as Code to Improve Delivery & Maintain Security Slides Recording
04.17.2020 HashiCorp Live Injecting HashiCorp Vault Dynamic Secrets into a CircleCI Pipeline Demo Recording
04.10.2020 HashiCorp Office Hours Terraform Operator for Kubernetes Recording
04.03.2020 HashiCorp Live Injecting HashiCorp Vault Static Secrets into a CircleCI Pipeline Demo Recording
03.15.2020 OWASP DevSlop Security & Policy Configurations for Infrastructure as Code Recording
02.28.2020 DevOpsDays Charlotte Secrets (Management on Kubernetes) can be Fun Slides
02.21.2020 Devnexus Stretching the Service Mesh from Java to Beyond Slides Demo
12.18.2019 Women Who Code Cloud Webinar Testing Infrastructure in Production with Terraform Slides Demo
12.13.2019 AWS re:Invent NET211-S Service mesh across hybrid infrastructure Slides Demo Demo
11.14.2019 TechReckoning Fest 5 Using Consul for Migrating Legacy to Kubernetes Demo Demo
11.07.2019 O'Reilly Velocity (EU) Test-driven development (TDD) for Infrastructure Slides Demo Demo
11.04.2019 Test in Production MeetUp (Berlin) Test in Production: Infrastructure Edition Slides Demo Demo
10.23.2019 DevOpsDays Philadelphia Remote Desktop, Continuously Delivered Slides Demo Demo
10.21.2019 Monitorama (Baltimore) What is Fitness Function-Driven Development for Operability? Slides Demo Demo
10.14.2019 All Things Open Everything-as-Code with Terraform Slides Demo Demo
10.02.2019 Grace Hopper Celebration Building a Service Delivery Infrastructure Slides
10.01.2019 Women Who Code NYC Hands-on with Infrastructure-as-Code Slides
09.29.2019 .NET Conf Stretching the Service Mesh Slides Demo Demo
08.28.2019 HashiCorp Webinar Terraform Cloud GA Feature Preview Demo
07.16.2019 O'Reilly Open Source Conference Hands-on with Vault on Kubernetes Slides Demo
02.13.2019 Women Who Code Dallas Kubernetes: Learning from Zero to Production Slides Demo
02.05.2019 O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference Building a Service Delivery Infrastructure Slides Demo
10.11.2018 Thoughtworks Tech Talks NYC Kubernetes: Learning from Zero to Production Slides
04.10.2018 Cisco DevNetCreate How to Treat a Network Like a Container (Or Get Close) Slides Recording
02.28.2018 O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference Considerations and pitfalls when migrating from on-premises to the public cloud Slides Recording
11.30.2017 Thoughtworks Tech Talks NYC DevOops: 10 “Ops” Things You Might Have Forgotten While Developing Slides Recording
10.14.2017 All Things Open How to Treat a Network Like a Container (Or Get Close) Slides Demo
07.19.2017 Women Who Code Dallas 10 Basic Sysadmin Commands for Developers & Operators Slides